Air Conditioning:  When ordering a new bus, air conditioning is a major component to address.  Owners have discovered that moving the skirt mounted condenser to the roof has two major benefits.  One, it eliminates the corrosion developed in northern climates from salt and snow.  Two, it provides more efficient cooling because of its proximity to the interior evaporator.  The cost is more for this set-up but owners will benefit in the long run from reduced maintenance and replacement costs.
DID YOU KNOW???   A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is required to operate any vehicle exceeding 15 passengers – 14 plus the driver.  As long as a vehicle is built with the original stated capacity of 15 or less, a typical (Non CDL) licensed driver can operate a bus without additional requirements by most states.  

Ford announced recently that the 2011 chassis for shuttle buses will be available with gasoline engines only.  This applies to the E350 and 450 models.  If a diesel engine is desired for a light duty shuttle bus, the Chevrolet Express offers a diesel meeting the current emission standards.
DID YOU KNOW???  Starcraft Bus has produced more shuttle buses than any other manufacturer in the industry since 2007.  

We take Trade-ins!  Or, we’ll buy your bus and van!


Wheelchair tie-down belts – Sure-Lok and Q-Straint – many sets of used belts to choose from
Seats – New and used cloth and vinyl covered seats.  Need one to replace a torn or broken seat?  

Wheelchair tie-down belts – Sure-Lok and Q-Straint – many sets of used belts to choose from – including L-track and A-track type assemblies!
Seats– New and used,  Cloth and vinyl.
Seatbelts – New and Used - Retractor type and non-retractor type.  
NEED BODY AND MECHANICAL REPAIR?  We can help.  Our shop personnel have years of experience maintaining and repairing all makes and models of buses.  A paint shop is available for repairs and complete body repaint.
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